Take Teeth Over Tattoos

tattooAs I approach another age milestone, I look around at some of the folks that I think are older than me, and wonder what in the world they are thinking as they get these huge new tattoos.

Yesterday, I saw a woman who had to be five or more years older than me in shorts with a very large flower tattooed on her very large leg, which only brought attention to that fact. And right above it were so many varicose veins that it was hard to tell where the tattoo started and stopped.

It all looked fairly new—the tattoo, not the veins! Usually, I can tell by the fresh color of the ink, but who knows, it might have been a rose bud on her butt many years ago and finally made it down to her leg. The bud had definitely opened over the years if that was the case!!

And earlier this week, I saw an old man who looked at least 80 with his legs covered in brightly colored tattoos. See, when you live at the water, you get to see a lot of legs! And that is usually not a pretty sight when the Winter Texans arrive.

Now these tattoos on this ol’ guy weren’t Korean War ones done on a Navy ship. Best I can tell they didn’t do dragons in loud blues, greens and oranges and such like he had on his skinny, scrawny legs back in those days!! Nor do I know of many veterans with them even on their legs! What was worse is that he also had big loop earrings and no teeth!!! I wondered why he didn’t take some of the money he had used for those expensive tattoos and buy some dentures. I don’t know about you, but if I had to choose, I’d take teeth over tattoos any old day!

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