Okinawa Here I Come

Okinawa JapanI’m off to Okinawa, Japan to review a school. Although I have been to several cities and areas in mainland Japan, including Tokyo, I have not been to Okinawa, which is so full of history and beauty.

After a very long flight I will have a day and a half to rest and sightsee and then meet with the Commander at the Air Force base where the school is located. The next three days will be filled with work at the school. I always enjoy this process so much, and learn from the educators there probably more than they learn from me. The Department of Defense schools are outstanding educational settings, and if I were a parent in the military, I would be pleased to have my child attend one of these schools.

Nights are free so I plan to visit with friends I met a couple of years ago in other schools I visited who are now in the Okinawa area. This is one of the great things about going to these schools. After the quality assurance review is completed, I will have a little more sightseeing time, and then I am flying to Hong Kong for five days for more adventure. I will write about all this when I return so check in a week or so to learn more about my travels. Until then, sayonara!

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