Lend a Kindle Book

Lend a Kindle BookKindle has just started allowing someone who has purchased a Kindle book to lend it to someone else. As a service to my loyal readers, Coyote Smart, Promises Kept and Keeping Faith are all eligible to be lent! So if you have a family member or friend to whom you would like to recommend one of my books, lending them a book is a way to do that.

Per the Kindle rules, you can lend a book for 14 days during which time you won’t have access to it. The borrower can read the book on other devices besides a Kindle (like a PC, Mac or iPad). After the 14 days, the borrower “returns” it to you automatically. You can get all the scoop at Amazon.

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  1. Guess everybody will lend books anyway but it seems like you wouldn’t sell as many books that way. Hope you can tell if this helps sales or not.

  2. cindy bradford says:

    Yeah, that worries me a bit I must admit. Although I would love to sell more books, I truly want folks to read them more than anything. If each person tells a friend and a friend tells a friend, then…I will have sold one book! ha!

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