Crazy South Texas Weather

Ice at South Padre IslandI will never be smug about the wonderful South Texas weather. Right now when I should be on a plane to Tokyo I am sitting at my desk pounding out this blog, grateful to at least have electricity since many of my neighbors and friends don’t. Day before yesterday, my house was without power for more than eight hours so I feel very lucky right now.

However, a couple of little problems exist…like no hot water and no cable, little minor inconveniences. I realize I have no pioneer spirit when it comes to taking a cold shower when the temp outside is 32.

What is particularly bad is that I emailed some of my northern colleagues who I am meeting in Japan and gave them a bad time about leaving from Chicago and Indianapolis. Now, they will arrive before me, plus they will never let me live this down.

I have been in South Texas 14 years and never seen anything like this. Several years ago we had snow at Christmas and at that time it had been 104 years since the last snow. This time we had a few flakes but mainly ice. My palm trees and other beautiful plants are laden with ice and my grass I bragged about mowing this last week looks pretty pale.

This too shall pass and in a week the temps will be back in the low 80s and everyone will be wearing shorts and flip flops. But mind you, I’m not bragging. And by the way, where’s Al Gore when we need him? This global warming stuff is making me crazy!!!

Will write more from Japan if I ever get there!!

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