Coyote Smart: Teacher Review

Cindy Bradford friendsI was excited to see a review of Coyote Smart on Melayne Marchese's blog, "Wearing Pearls in Kindergarten". You might remember that I met her through Twitter and we happened to be in Ruidoso, New Mexico at the same time. We met at the Starbucks for a mini book signing right after Keeping Faith was published.  She is a kindergarten teacher in Austin, Texas. In the picture is her aunt Linda, me and Melayne. Here is an excerpt from her review, but I encourage you to go to her very cool blog and read the entire article.

I just got through reading Coyote Smart by Dr. Cindy Bradford.
What a great book....this is her third book and each one gets BETTER!

Coyote Smart was my favorite of Cindy's books so far ---
very fast moving and hard to put down.  Cindy lives very close to the Texas/Mexico border.
I learned so much about the human/drug smuggling crisis we have
between the borders while reading this book.

Please visit Melayne's blog Wearing Pearls in Kindergarten and leave a comment for her.

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