Coyote Smart Review

Coyote Smart Gets Rave ReviewsThis email from a friend and former colleague about Coyote Smart made my day! Walter and his wife Mary are highly intelligent and educated individuals who read a lot. These comments are quite special to me.

"We have completed reading Coyote Smart.  It is hard to put the book down once we started it.  Thanks again for a wonderful story with believable characters carefully and fully drawn and presented, and explicit dialogue moving the story along.  Do I detect a series of future books showing us the exciting life and time of Faith??  She is quite a strong, sensitive, well educated, determined, successful character who reminds me of the author.

"We enjoyed the humanity of the immigration theme.  These folks are real, not statistics.  When will we ever unravel this problem at the state and national levels?

"Congratulations again on your third appealing, enjoyable, well-developed novel."

~ Walter Howard

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