Crazy South Texas Weather

Ice at South Padre IslandI will never be smug about the wonderful South Texas weather. Right now when I should be on a plane to Tokyo I am sitting at my desk pounding out this blog, grateful to at least have electricity since many of my neighbors and friends don’t. Day before yesterday, my house was without power for more than eight hours so I feel very lucky right now. [Read more...]

Annual Queen Isabella Causeway Run-Walk

Cindy Bradford Queen Isabella Causeway WalkThis past weekend was the annual longest Queen Isabella Causeway run and walk, and I was among the nearly 4,000 people who participated. I would like to say I ran the six mile race, but I must admit I was a mere three mile walker. It was a lot of fun……….and I survived! [Read more...]

Take Teeth Over Tattoos

tattooAs I approach another age milestone, I look around at some of the folks that I think are older than me, and wonder what in the world they are thinking as they get these huge new tattoos. [Read more...]

International Idiots Club

International Idiots Club

I think the picture says it all. This weekend I was at Boomerang Billy’s Beach Bar and noticed many folks wearing lime green shirts with “International Idiots Club” marked in bright letters on the back. [Read more...]

Sandcastle Days in South Padre

Sandcastle Days South Padre

Sandcastle Days this past weekend was, I think, the best ever with the most “castles” I have seen. [Read more...]