Book Reviews

This book [Keeping Faith] surprised me. I knew the subject matter was touchy (young boy abused by priest) and was a little worried about how it would be handled.

Expertly. Ms. Bradford has managed to write a heavy subjected book in a way that we feel sadness, happiness and shock all at the right spots. I like that she was able to pull back just when you thought your emotions were going to burst.

For a first novel Cindi Bradford has scored one out of the park. Patrick (main character) becomes your friend. You want to be right there next to him as he goes through the highs and lows of his life. You want to laugh with him at times, and at other, you want to wrap your arms around him and never let go.

Once you pick up this book, you will want to cancel all your plans just to be able to finish it. ~ Josie Kramer—The Book Journal

Need something to read while relaxing at the beach, riding the subway, waiting in the airport? Grab this novel [Keeping Faith] by Cindy Bradford and settle in for a good read. Romance, intrigue, travel, human's all here! Each chapter leaves you wanting to read just one more. It's a fast read and will leave you anxiously awaiting the sequel! Great first effort, Cindy Bradford! ~ "Kit" Hickerson,

Keeping Faith grabs the reader from the very beginning. The characters and plot line are well developed, just the right amount of detail to put the reader in that church in Boston or east Texas or that vineyard in Italy. I found the story line interesting and just when I had thought I had figured the next move....there was a really clever twist. I could not read fast enough to discover how the future of the characters would evolve. More than held my attention from start to finish and took me through a roller coaster of will feel angry, happy, disappointed, shocked,hopeful, and you will look for another chapter at the end of the book. You will not be ready for the story to end. The author, like a hit movie, leaves the reader wanting more. ~ charlie mike,

Being a person who reads mainly intrigue/mystery books, I didn't know if I'd be able to get "into" the story but I was wrong. I enjoyed every page - the travels of Patrick to places I'll never go but feel like I've been there through his eyes -- his friends, his ministry, his heartache, his love for his family...a truly heartwarming book [Keeping Faith] that leaves me eagerly waiting for the sequel. ~ Kathryn P. Jacobs,

The descriptions of the various travel locations in Promises Kept are well-written and well-researched and add nice touches to the romantic story. ~ Robin Cain—Scottsdale Book Examiner

Promises Kept is a fairy tale for adult women. For any doubters who think romance is dead, this book will reclaim their beliefs in dreams fulfilled. Overall, this is a great book to turn to when you need your faith in love to be restored. ~ Nicole Langan, official reviewer, Midwest Book Review,

In Promises Kept Cindy Bradford uses dialogue so well that you can hear the conversations taking place. Every word carries the story along, drawing you into the midst of the events. ~ Joyce Anthony, Independent Reviewer

Promises Kept presents a memorable heroine, living a challenging life. Faith has triumphs and heartaches, and I rooted for her throughout the novel. She caught my interest sufficiently that she won’t just fade from my memory. She has stepped off the pages and into my mind; I would love to know what happens to her next. ~ Diane Ascroft, Reviewer,

Coyote Smart is a very well written novel with a contemporary and timely plot. It illustrates very well the desperate measures and danger people will endure trying to provide a better life for themselves and their families. A balanced presentation of a very complex problem in contemporary society.

As with the previous two novels, the characters are realistically portrayed to the point I found myself liking or disliking the characters. ~ Chicago,

In reading this book [Coyote Smart], I realized that it is timely material and should be read by someone who can get this made into a movie now. As with Dr. Bradford's other books, it has a range of emotions. But, most of all, it is a story that is similar to the crisis we face today along the U.S. border. The author did a lot of research on these issues before beginning this book and this is very true to life although not a true story. The human smuggling and drugs that are invading our borders seem to be an overwhelming problem that is escalating and doesn't appear to be handled completely by any of the authorities on the Mexico or U.S. side.

This is Dr. Bradford's third book. The first two were great books and held my attention but this one is by far, the best to me. It moves fast and is an excellent read. ~ Gayle Hood,